Who we are

Fontaine Travel was founded in year 2009 by its owner expressive musician and creative businessman Dane Steen Lorenz also known by his stage name Louie Fontaine. The idea is to offer to travelers the possibility to widen their horizons by providing insider look of local diversity of culture, architecture and people themselves. The company owns hotels in Zanzibar, Venezuela and Latvia. It is also our privilege to ensure that the trip to these locations is a beginning of an enjoyable holiday. The Fontaine Travel avio expert and insurance arrangement will take care of unpleasant surprises. We also deliver convenient ready to go travel packages with flights from Riga airport or any other largest airport in Europe.

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Steen Lorenz

Louie Fontaine / Steen Lorenz

Founder of Fontaine Travel

Jānis Enkūzens

Jānis Enkūzens

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Customer service hours: Monday-Friday 11-17