There are three islands that together make up the archipelago of Zanzibar, the main island, commonly known as Zanzibar Island or Unguja. Zanzibar is a picturesque, cosmopolitan city, with winding streets, colorful bazaars, and interesting architecture.

It is the perfect destination for those seeking an exotic location, rich with the mystique of a thousand and one nights, a wealth of history and culture but with beautiful palm shaded tropical beaches.…more


Venezuela is a tropical country in South America, on the northern coast. It is a land of outstanding diversity - Caribbean beaches, snowcapped mountains, wildlife-rich wetlands, desert, Amazonian jungle and The Angel Falls (Churun Meru) - the world's highest waterfall and one of Venezuela's major tourist attractions.more


Liepaja is third-largest city in Latvia, 205 km west of Riga (Capital of Latvia). Liepaja is a port city on the Baltic Coast.

Liepaja is situated between the Baltic Sea and Liepaja Lake. The Trade Channel connects the lake to the sea dividing the city into Old Town (Vecliepaja) and The New Town (Jaunliepaja).

Town redolent of age, has traces and remains in its face - beautiful old town, old…more