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Liepaja is third-largest city in Latvia, 205 km west of Riga (Capital of Latvia). Liepaja is a port city on the Baltic Coast.

Liepaja is situated between the Baltic Sea and Liepaja Lake. The Trade Channel connects the lake to the sea dividing the city into Old Town (Vecliepaja) and The New Town (Jaunliepaja).

Town redolent of age, has traces and remains in its face - beautiful old town, old port, churches, old market. Remains of forts and seacraft facilities of the tzarist Russia from the times of WW I, then later reformed and fortified by Soviet Union are now opened for everyone's verdict of fate's justice.

Liepaja has its own cultural life, rich in its diversity ...Liepaja has its own Symphony Orchestra, Liepaja Theatre and puppet-show theatre, many festivals like Liepajas Piano Star Festival which invites piano and jazz stars from all over the world, Fontaine Festival, Baltic Beach Party...